(Josi (Tona’s sister), patient Corey, pilule Maggie, Tona, David (our nephew) and Alex on Thanksgiving)

It’s hard to believe it’s already December! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We drove up to Michigan to spend Thanksgiving with our families. We’ll be here for a few more weeks to itinerate and enjoy Christmas with our loved ones.
As this year comes to a close we’d like to ask for your help. First and foremost we need your prayers. Our initial hope was that at this time we’d be packing up to leave for Colombia, but this year has proved difficult to raise the support necessary in order to do so and we find ourselves delayed. We need you to stand in agreement with us petitioning God to work a few miracles in our fundraising finances.
We need churches and individuals to join with us in this mission. If you are not already a monthly partner with us would you please consider joining us now? We cannot leave for the field until we have raised 100 percent of our monthly support. Our biggest need right now is to raise up monthly support so that we can get to the field.
If you already support us, we thank you so much. Would you please pass on our information to your friends, pastors or others who might be interested in knowing more or helping out?
You can click on these links or go to the “How Can I Help” tab on the left side of this page to make a donation.
Thank you so much. We are praying for a Christmas miracle, that we will see huge strides forward in our support raising. I hope to post a few more blogs with updates of great success! Can you believe for a miracle with us?
Merry Christmas!