We recently attended our first Colombian wedding. We left the house early for the 2pm service, no rx but when we got near the chapel we were almost a half an hour early, so we decided to stop in a nearby store and waste some time. Now we often face the Latin time schedules where one time really means another, but since this was a wedding and the invitation said “2pm on the dot” we made sure we left the store to get there on time. As we pulled up we realized we were pushing it a bit and we’d need to book it up the four stories of stairs to make it on time. The kids and I took off to get seats while Corey parked the car. Imagine our surprise when we walked into the chapel and we were the first guests!! The caterers were just beginning to put out the cakes and there were a few ladies that were working on covering the chairs. The groom was strolling around checking on everything. We laughed at ourselves for rushing and decided to help cover chairs. Within about 15 minutes or so the minister strolled in. After 45 minutes a couple of people straggled in and we were worrying that they had a whole lot of chairs for just a few people. Fifty minutes after the start time a load of people came in – all at the same time! I wondered if we had missed the memo! It seemed all the guests came in at the same time and within just a couple of minutes the bride was on her way down the aisle! There were similarities and differences between their ceremony and an American ceremony, but at the end a bunch of people told me their ceremony was very uncustomary so I guess we’ll be waiting for the next one to see what is considered “normal”. It was beautiful nonetheless and our dear friend, Willy, is now a very happy husband!