Thinking of mice… another tiny monster was found in the kitchen, discount this time after a funny smell began to fill the room. I was fortunate to not have the experience of seeing it, case but I hear that it was dead for at least a few days and it was disgusting! But that wasn’t the reason for my heading…
Corey and Alex are gone for the weekend on a Royal Ranger Father/Son Campout. I’m sure they’re having a blast and putting all of the Spanish they’ve learned into practice. While they’re away, Maggie and I are having some fun of our own. Last night we had girl’s movie night and stayed up late watching Annie and eating popcorn. My brother bought the Annie DVD for Maggie last year because he said he remembered me watching it and singing all the songs all the time. It brings back a lot of memories and it cracks me up to hear Maggie singing along to Hard Knock Life and Tomorrow. If I was anything like Maggie is now, I’m sure I owe my family tons of apologies for endless hours of singing the same line or two from a song over and over and over.
Today we went downtown with our Tico friends, Sujan and Kristen. I should have done this a long time ago. They took us to all of their favorite stores. For us and most of the other students we tend to go to stores like Hipermas, which is pretty much a Super Wal-Mart (in fact Wal-Mart just bought the majority of their stock). For us, the prices at Hipermas seem very reasonable, but Sujan and Kristen took Maggie and I to stores where they buy shoes and clothes for very, very low prices – much lower than Hipermas. We wandered all through downtown – to many areas I had never visited – for almost five hours. Kristen is from Nicaragua and her father now lives in Miami. We went with her while she went to one office to pick up money her father had sent and another to exchange it for colones. The day was so interesting. Sujan kept asking Maggie if she was getting bored, but she kept saying no and wanted to keep exploring. We’ve learned so much more about San Jose and our dear friends!