Oh my goodness, medicine I knew time was flying by, viagra but I never realized that I have not blogged once in all of 2013.  Here we are at the end of August and the year will be over before we know it.  This year has been so busy, but in the best way. 
This month is the first month we’ve really had a chance to breathe and, to be honest, it’s been kind of miserable for all of us!  We’ve been so used to doing everything at 150 miles per hour and never being home, that this month it’s felt a little too quiet, a little too slow paced, a little claustrophobic and we’re all going a little crazy and itching to get moving in high gear again.  
However, we’ve needed the break from big events and travel to make sure our everyday ministry was taken care of and a lot of the office work that’s been tossed aside was brought up to speed, not to mention it’s time to begin booking and planning next year for our year of itineration.  There’s only 9 days left in this month to get it all done, organized and ready to start up again and life will start to feel crazy – and normal – again.  Turns out, we’re just not that great at down time.  (I should mention this hasn’t been a time of vacation, we’ve just been doing a lot more work from home and in our local church.  My desk was lost below piles of translation projects, reports and other work.)
While I’ve got a few days to finish wrapping things up, I’m going to catch up here, too.  The goal is to recap what has happened this whole year, a month a day.  So for all four of you that read our blog, I apologize that we have neglected you.  It’s so easy on Facebook to throw up a quick line, but I haven’t taken the time to really show the details of what’s been happening.  This week and next we’ll be digging out the pictures and possibly some video to show you the amazing things God’s been doing here in Colombia.  It’s been an amazing year so far and I am most excited about the last four months of this year and what we’re about to kick off.