We are finally here! It’s been a very long process, capsule but we have been blessed in so many ways and we have finally started our missionary journey. We were able to raise our funds, order but just when we thought we were all set we found out they were increasing our budget for this year to keep up with inflation. Fortunately we were able to get it all worked out and yesterday, remedy January 3rd, we took to the skies and landed in San Jose, Costa Rica. Traveling was not that bad. We had 11 large action packers and each of us a carry-on and additional bag. It was a large load, but we managed throught it fairly well and it seems that everything arrived in tact – minus a few locks on our suitcases.

Our apartment is very nice. We have the “party” apartment because we are blessed with a patio and a back yard. Our neighbors are friends that are missionaries to Mexico. Upstairs are friends who are missionaries to Ecuador and there are a few other families in our building who are also missionaries. Alex and Maggie have a few instant friends thier ages to help them through this time. We got in to late to really explore much, so this morning we are unpacking and in a few hours we’re going to venture out on the town. I’ll post pictures and stories later :).

Thank you all for helping us along this way. Please in your prayers today thank God for bringing us to Costa Rica and continue to keep us in your prayers as we make adjustments!