We started out on our first missionary journey in January of 2006. With both excitement and nervousness at an all time high we plunged into the unknown. God has shown us time and time again that he has already gone before us and prepared the way. He has allowed me to do more for him than I could ever have imagined just a few years back. Am I greedy to want more? As I learn more and do more, pills I find that my life is photo mosaic art. You can almost make out a grand picture but there is too much missing still. All I can do is surge forward in hopes that the picture of my life can be a masterpiece, ed good and pleasing to God. Tona and I have been pushing through our Bible classes towards the licensed minister requirements. Our goal is to return to the States as licensed ministers waiting on our ordination and preparing for our next missionary term. So, sovaldi we arrived to Colombia in what seems like last week. The time has flown by as we start the initial stages of preparation of our return to the States. We are looking toward the unknown once again. We are scheduled to return in July of this year. Making the transition from Missionary Associate to Fully Appointed Missionaries is the plan, but we will be playing the waiting game. Our application has been submitted and so we wait. With approval to proceed, we will be given an evaluation date in August to go to Springfield, MO. Psychological and physical exams are first and if/when we pass we will return again for orientation in October. So, in October, the same time we learn if we can return to Colombia, would be when I can start trying to schedule services and start raising our new budget. With our fate in the hands of the Board of Missions, we wait.

I will be preaching for the first time to adults (Colombians) this Sunday in a poor area on top of the mountain overlooking Bogotá. And most of March through July, I will be preaching to youth. And preaching retreats for youth and children. And I’m designing a new school. Who says I can’t have fun while we wait?