If you read the post below you’ll already have an intro into what we did today. We went to one of the daughter churches of the church we go to and did VBS today. They’ve been going for a few days, generic so today our team went and did the service for them. It was great seeing a new area and kids eager to learn more about God. We had just over and hour, but it was packed out with songs, skits, Bible stories and fun! At the end we gave out the Book of Hope to every child. It was nice looking through the streets afterwards and seeing a book about Jesus in every child’s arms.

Alex took on the role as sound technician and Maggie was working on learning the moves to all of the songs. They both helped us pass out the Book of Hope. It’s great to see the kids finding a spot in ministry when we are out doing evangelism.

We were very popular at the end when everyone from the smallest child to a very elderly lady was asking us to take their picture. They were fascinated with having their pictures taken and seeing themselves on the camera.

We had a bit of an adventure afterwards, though, when the children’s pastor’s car decided it didn’t want to start and several of the boys were pushing it through the maze of streets in this area. We had 11 packed in our car following them around. It was quite a spectacle and all we could say at the time was, “Yup, this is definitely an experience in the making.” After a long time we finally made our way out of the barrio and back to the city. Even with car issues, it still made for an incredible day!