Summer is just clicking on by and we are having a blast! This week we worked with La Gran Comision, patient the church we normally attend, viagra for Vacation Bible School. Overwhelmed does not even begin to explain what I felt when we walked into the church on the first day and there were kids everywhere! We’ve worked VBS before with pretty small groups but there were roughly 300-400 kids there the first day. The second day they divided them into “small” groups of about 30 kids each! Saturday was the third and final day with special guest Clavelito – the clown that was at our last kid’s camp outing. On Saturday the church was packed out! I’ve heard ranges from 600 – 1000 kids and I’m not sure we’ll ever know exactly how many were there, cialis but it was amazing to see that sanctuary packed with kids! The focus was on power to evangelize. If you remember the first kid’s camp we went to, this is the same group. They’ve kept the theme going all summer of first “The Holy Spirit Is My Friend” and now “The Holy Spirit helps me tell others about Christ.” The kids were taught about key Bible figures like Paul, Phillip and Peter who were missionaries and evangelists in thier time and used them to inspire the kids to spread the Gospel in their towns. It was pretty amazing! One cool part of it all was the distribution of the Book of Hope or Libro de Vida in Spanish which tells all the key things about Christ and basic Christian fundamentals. Every kid left with one. God is doing amazing things in the children of this church and it is so exciting to see!