We’ve worked with youth for over 10 years. We’ve worked with children for somewhere around 5 years. The one age group we have never really focused on is the ever daunting middle school age. Why? I guess because they’re kind of in that awkward stage between being a child and being a mature teenager. We have one of those in our house right now, sick so we’re learning daily what this age has to offer. A couple of months ago we were asked to help out in the adolescent group at church. We’ve been getting to know the kids and we just went to camp with them for an amazing weekend! After spending time with them, cialis I can’t remember what we were so afraid of! They were funny and insightful, cure passionate and playful. In short, they were incredible!

This camp was different for us because usually we are helping out the leaders running around and doing whatever they need, but this time we were given our own group of kids. We were “Celeste” and our group consisted of all boys except for Maggie and one other girl, Heidy. We had to do a cheer and create a saying, etc. There were times for group devotions, games and lots of competition. The points didn’t really matter and in the end we were all winners, but we had a blast! During our discussion times and devotional times we talked about what the kids wanted out of life and what life is like for them now. We discussed the ease of getting drugs in school and how to stay free of them. I may be bias, but I’m pretty sure we had the best group!

There were several services and Corey and I preached for one of them on “the call.” Some of the kids talked to us afterwards about feeling called into missions or the ministry in one way or another.

Alex, true to his form, was in a different group and we barely saw him over the weekend, but he made some great friends and had a blast being the center of attention in his group. They were called “Estitch” because he had brought his Stitch stuffed animal with him.

It was a very blessed weekend and we look forward to spending more time with these wonderful adolescents!