It’s amazing to think we’ve only been here two weeks! So much has gone on it feels like much more. Thursday night was an incredibly intense night for many on the homework front – just lots of it. On Friday most people went home with none – I say most because I came home with a good bit. Anyway, malady it’s the weekend and now we’re trying to take a break and relieve some of the stress of the new situations! (Don’t get me wrong, we are loving it here, it just takes effort to adjust.)

Last night at school they had game night. It was fun. Somehow I spent the first half playing Uno Attack with a table full of kids, but then I had time just to get to know a little more about my fellow classmates. This morning we went to a birthday party for one of the kids here. We decided to venture out a little bit further today. During orientation they took us a few blocks by bus, but so far that was our only attempt to take busses to get anywhere. Today we took a bus to a mall where there is a nice cinema. It’s called the V.I.P. The price of a movie ticket is less than in the U.S. and on Wednesdays it’s half price. We went to see The Chronicles of Narnia. This theater was amazing! Why there aren’t more like it everywhere in the U.S., I don’t know.

Once you go through the main lobby of the theater you use your ticket to get into a separate lobby where everything looks like a nice Starbucks or something to that effect. There’s couches and high top tables, etc. Anyway, we went into the theater and everyone sits in a nice leather armchair that reclines and has a footstool! It was so clean and wonderful inside! After every two seats there is a small table and there are waiters who come through and get your pop, popcorn and I’ve heard many other things, although we didn’t utilize their services today. It was definitely a nice stress reliever and just something fun to do…a nice treat.

We took the bus home, which I must say we are incredibly proud to have made such a journey on our own. Pretty much so far we’ve had the Conaways to hold our hands and get us where we want to go. So there’s just another day in the life of the Kautzes…now it’s back to homework!