The race is on! You may have read a couple of weeks ago that we have received our official approval as Candidate Missionaries. We’re on the phone setting up meetings and services to raise our budget as quickly as possible so we can get back to the field. However, mind it seems this may be a race with lots of hurdles.

The last night with the tour I became very ill. Fortunately Danny, the speaker, is a doctor and gave me some medication to help me feel better, but as I traveled home and once I got back I continued to be sick. It turns out I’ve got gall stones and the doctor wants to remove my pesky little gall bladder next week to take care of this problem once and for all. I’m doing pretty well right now. The pain subsided and I’m being very careful about what I eat so that it stays away but a meeting with the surgeon confirmed that it must be taken out.

A few months ago we began work on the house we are currently living in. My mom bought it so that we could fix it up and rent it while we were here. The inside work is all pretty much done, but an inspector was not happy with some things on the outside, so Corey now has the wonderful task of residing the house. Did I mention we’re in Michigan so it’s between 20 – 30 degrees and snowing most days? If you know Corey you know he’s a work horse and he does everything with precision and perfection.

So between those two things my plans of us both sitting on the phone all day booking services and getting our year lined out hasn’t come together quite so easily. This week I’m feeling a bit better and am back to calling pastors. I drag Corey in on occassion to make some calls, but I know he won’t be able to focus until he gets the current task finished so I try to just let him work as much as possible so when he’s done he can take on the bulk of the calls.

Unexpected things have crept into our schedules but I know this is a long race and we must stay focused on the ultimate goal of getting back to the field. I have no doubt that more hurdles will come our way but I trust that God will help us to overcome all of them and get back to Colombia ASAP!!