This has just been a crazy weekend! This time of year is our rainy season and it has rained every day. We’ve had some big storms and hail is very common. The past few days however the storms have been very intense and on Saturday a storm like no other before it hit Bogota. You may not be able to understand the video above, cialis sale but look at the images. One street downtown trapped over 100 people in their cars. Ice and snow hit and in an instant many were stuck. The news reported a concert that was taking place in our the big park where some were taken to the hospital for head injuries from the large pieces of falling ice.

Here’s something important to understand – the weather changes rapidly. Many days I spend the first part of the day in a short-sleeved shirt but bring a sweater for the evening. When the rain comes it cools things down quickly. Many of the people had to be treated for hypothermia. It’s not like a Michigan weather where you spend all day bundled up. Most of them had on light jackets or just long-sleeved shirts when this all hit and were not prepared for instant winter!

Fortunately no one died as a result, store but many cars were lost and many houses, especially in the low income areas, were flooded.