I’ve come to realize every time we attempt to put out a new newsletter a freak occurance happens with my computer. Back in July we ran into a million problems. First our computer was struck by lightning which wiped out many features, case including a printer we hadn’t had very long. Every time seems to bring about issues, but it wasn’t till now that I realized we had major problems every single time we try to communicate with everyone out there. This time my computer has had a “serious error” and no browser windows will open at all. I can’t explore the web or my own computer, and that has caused issues trying to get out the online edition of our newsletter. If you’re reading this and waiting, please be patient. I’m working on getting it out one way or the other.

James 1:2 is a scripture that we quote often in our house. If you haven’t read it it says “consider it pure joy, my brothers, when you face trials of many kinds.” It goes on to talk about how trials cause us to persevere and perseverence helps us develop maturity. As I groan about my computer never working quite right, I realize a few things. First that I can grow from even an experience like this, that it stretches my patience and creativity to find a solution. It also opens my eyes that the enemy is working over time to try and keep us from getting to the field and completing the plans God has laid out for us. That’s exciting!

So pray for us, we need a new computer, but rejoice that no matter what trials lie ahead, God is bigger than anything that can come against us and in the end He will prevail!