I’ve spent a good part of this evening updating our database. As I worked through it I realized how many people have supported our ministry and helped us follow through in the mission God called us to. We want to tell you all thank you. To our prayer partners, sildenafil thank you for the time you give to pray for our family. We see God working in our lives every day and we know we couldn’t do this without you. Your emails of encouragement brighten our days and always seem to come at just the perfect time! To our partners who have given financial support, thank you for believing in what God has planned for Colombia and being willing to support His ministry. We have incredibly faithful monthly supporters. We know God’s hand is in this work when we look at our list of supporters and see that we have some that have never met us, yet are partnering with us. This week our missiology class was on The Holy Spirit In Missions. All of you who give of yourselves physically, financially, emotionally, etc., thank you for responding to what the Holy Spirit has laid on your heart and partnering with us as we follow God’s leading. We praise God that you are in our lives. You’re in our hearts and our prayers. Thank you.