Today marks the 10th anniversary of the day Corey and I were married. It’s amazing to look back over so much that has happened in those past 10 years. When we began I was a student at MSU and Corey was a student at Mott. Our future seemed so clear at that time! How little we knew! No one has a perfect marriage, sovaldi but ours is pretty incredible. God knew what he was doing when he placed us in each other’s lives.

It’s been fun telling everyone Corey took me to Costa Rica for our tenth anniversary. 🙂 We started the day off at Cincel, advice the language school, troche for a little bit of orientation. Then they took us to the central market. It was fun. The actual market is a huge warehouse type building filled with vendor stalls selling souvenirs, meat, poultry, fruit, flowers, etc., etc. It’s a very full building with small aisles. There was even a pet shop, but the pets were chickens, rabbits, mice, birds or fish – very interesting. Downtown San Jose was very much like the area where my family lives in Mexico.

We also had our first adventures today in a taxi on our own. Our friends have given us note cards with directions to the places we need to go so we can show the taxi drivers. There are no addresses here. Our actual address is something to the effect of “100 meters northwest of the San Pedro cemetery on the corner.” There aren’t street names, everything is given directions to by way of landmarks. We were told if we couldn’t find the apartment exactly to say “San Pedro Burger King” and they would know the area to take us. It’s crazy! We did manage, however, to catch taxis today and get everywhere we needed to go. One of them got a little bit lost, but we found our way home. Every day is an adventure!