I’ve been attending the Bogotá Bible Fellowship, search an English-speaking Bible study, since I arrived here in Colombia. It has been such a blessing, every week having just one morning where I can gather with other women – American, Colombian, Canadian, from Trinidad (not sure how you call them!) – and have a few hours really digging into the word. Many weeks this feels like my church service. By that I mean that there are some Sundays where we’re with the children’s church or some that my Spanish just is not clicking and the message passes me by without a lot of understanding. This mid-week Bible study has helped me get that weekly dose of a message that I can clearly understand! We’ve been studying Beth Moore’s “The Patriarchs.” This series comes with DVDs, so every other week we were sitting in on a study led by Beth Moore herself. It was incredibly rich!

Each term of the Bible study goes from August to May and this week we had our “end of the year tea,” which was actually brunch – I don’t think there was any tea!! Anyway, it was a bit sad. Many of the women work or have a spouse that works for the embassy and are only here for a few years before they are moved. A few of our missionaries are leaving and some of the other ladies are preparing to move back to the States, so not only does it end this term of Bible study, but it is also a goodbye to a lot of amazing women.

The slideshow above is a glimpse at some of those ladies. I wish I had time and space to tell you many of their stories. They’re incredible! Please keep this group in your prayers. I have been chosen to be the leader next fall when the group starts again. This will be a ministry I never imagined myself getting into when I came to Colombia, but I have fully felt the Lord leading me to take on this role and I do it with a great sense of honor that they would choose me to do it.