Monday and Tuesday night of Supernatural School was called Supernatural Families, ampoule geared more towards adults and the general public.  Each night featured a choir made up of singers from many of the churches leading praise and worship as well as special performances from Blessed to Bless.  
The Mixed Church Praise Choir
Both nights were powerful with full altars and people seeking so many things from God.  We saw many healed in these two days. We saw a woman with twisted hands full of arthritis healed, buy able to stretch her fingers and open her hands fully.  A woman who had a very messed up knee and couldn’t walk without a cane was healed and began walking freely and bending her knee. 
A Praise Dance team from one of the churches helped pump up the crowd.
We saw families restored.  One family in particular where the daughter had been very rebellious, deciding there was no God.  She came out of curiosity and by the end of the night she and her family were in tears, restoration beginning to take place as she realized just how much God loved her.
One girl spoke of how the person praying over her spoke to her about how much God loved her, that he’d given her talents and abilities, but was waiting for her to stop shying away from using them.  She told me the next day that so much of what they said were secrets of her heart and that she knew God was speaking to her and telling her it was time to take steps forward.
Maggie, our daughter, has had a pain in her neck, a swollen lymph that has been bothering her for some time.  The doctor had treated her several weeks ago for an infection, but the pain persisted.  We asked one of the visiting team members to pray over her and when he finished praying she still had pain.  Before continuing to pray he began to tell her things that God was showing him about Maggie, which was just amazing because he said exactly the same things someone else had spoken over her life just a couple of weeks ago.  We stood in awe knowing that this man had no idea what kinds of things had been on Maggie’s heart and how he was confirming – at times word for word – prophecy in Maggie’s life.  At the end of it all he said, “Oh, how’s your pain.  Let’s keep praying for that.”  Before he even began to pray, Maggie touched her neck and said, “There’s no more pain!” 

Maggie translating for prayer over one of the attendees.
As visiting Pastor David Olson said, “Incredible testimonies of healing, deliverance and salvation in Medellin these last two nights.  One woman had hands laid on her for her daughter’s crossed eye that two surgeries had failed to heal as well as for her feet.  She returned home to find her daughter’s eye healed.  She then laid hands on her feet.  Her daughter felt fire on her and she instantly had arches when none were before.  Nerve damage was healed, tumors disappeared.  Dozens answer the call for salvation.  God showed up gloriously in meeting after meeting.”

Pastor David Olson praying over a lady while Tona translates.

 During these meetings Alex was on the filming team.  Corey helped with filming and translating during prayer time.  Tona and Maggie translated during the altar time.

Alex loves being part of the film crew.
Where’s Corey?  If you look at almost the exact center of this picture you will see him on the camera.