As our timing is winding down here in Costa Rica we cherish friends and church that has become so special to us.  Sundays are usually pretty relaxing and today was no exception.  It’s been a great day! Here’s a glimpse at what we did today ~

We’ve been attending a church called “DimensiĆ³n Cristiana” and we have LOVED it!  The people are so kind, purchase worship is amazing and the pastor is not only understandable, doctor but a wonderful teacher.  Here’s a sample of what worship is like on a typical Sunday morning ~

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Most Sundays we visit one of the many small restaurants that surround the church.  Today we tried “The Hamburger Grill”.  Alex was impressed with the giant can of 7UP.

 Walking through a park we came across a man in a truck hanging up coconut shells for a tree full of squirrels.

Alex was invited to a birthday party at the park.  Since it would cost about $8 in a taxi to drop him off and pick him up, we hung around and played cards with Maggie until more friends showed up and we spent the afternoon chatting with friends.

 Maggie may have gotten a little bored during the day.

 Parks are busy on the weekends!  Everyone enjoys the outdoors!

As the sun was going down we finally pulled Alex away from his friends.  It is a big cultural no-no to put an end time on any event, so parties can go forever – or until the last person is ready to leave!  (Alex was at this party for four hours.)