Living in Michigan opens Alex and Maggie’s eyes to new things all the time. Today they get to experience a true snow day. They’ve had snow days in Georgia, no rx but let me explain the difference. In Georgia if there is rumor of snow they close all the schools down. If less than an inch falls everything shuts down (at least in the Atlanta area). Here in Michigan the schools are shut down because while we were sleeping 8 inches of snow fell! The plows haven’t had time to clear the roads. Last night in the midst of the snowfall my mom and I went shopping at Target. There were quite a few people out and about. Amazingly, there was bread and milk and water on the shelves! Haha! (If you live in Atlanta you know the minute snow is mentioned for whatever reason bread, milk and water disappear from every store.) I’ll post pictures later once we get out and about. It really is beautiful outside. I wish it didn’t cost a fortune to ski because today would be a great day to ski.