This week is Semana Santa. You can’t miss that something is going on. The streets usually filled with traffic are nearly empty. We’ve driven through a few areas where processions are going on, view parades with statues of Jesus and Mary and other icons. It’s a week where you see the religious going through rituals with thier church and yet on the other hand there is a huge migration to the beach. I heard an interesting legend that at some point the church, in an effort to maintain focus on Easter, had told people if they went into the ocean during Semana Santa they would be turned into mermaids and mermen. I think it has become a well-loved legend, however, it didn’t seem to deter the people from using this week to get away on vacation. It’s interesting as we talk to students about the differences in Easter celebrations between our countries, the Costa Rican students are shocked to hear stories of Easter bunnies and egg hunts. It’s very interesting to hear others perspectives on our culture and rituals at Easter. This is one of those times where we are learning more about the Latin American culture and preparing that much more for our work in Colombia.