Last Friday we went on a wonderful adventure to Sarchi. They say getting there is half the fun… we were a little worried we weren’t going to get home! Sarchi is famous for building ox carts, viagra which are a national symbol here in Costa Rica. The ox cart is a symbol of labor. They are beautifully painted by hand. This was our first long bus ride and fortunately we had a taxi driver who took us exactly where we needed to go to catch the bus. Our guides had been a little bit off on their locations. The bus ride was an hour and a half. It started off comfortable, sovaldi nice seats, no air, but wind from the windows. However, along the way we picked up what must have been double the capacity of the bus and the last half was a very sweaty packed ride. Sarchi was a very cool little town. We went to one of the famous factories and saw people painting the carts. This is a popular place to go to buy lots of souvenirs, too, so we toured a lot of the little shops. We were hoping to get home before dark, so around 5pm we found the bus stop to catch a bus back to San Jose. We knew on the way home we’d have to change busses in another little town, but we were pretty confident that we knew what we were doing. So we waited and waited and waited and waited… nearly an hour later we were getting very nervous that we may be stuck sitting in the dark at this bus stop when finally a bus came. The Ticos are so kind. They helped us make sure we got back on the right bus to head to San Jose and the ride home was quite nice, not full and pretty cool. We made it home, miniature sized ox carts in hand and glad that we had taken this little adventure! For more pictures check out this site… Sarchi Pictures