Today we visited three different areas in the town of San Isidrio to do some street ministry. We were working with three groups from Castillo del Rey. The pictures in this post are from our first location, no rx “The Projects”. We went to an overgrown soccer field next to this small neighborhood of tiny houses. We spent a few minutes canvassing the neighborhood inviting everyone to come see our program in the field. While we waited we pumped up the music, remedy played soccer with the kids coming in and Corey was making balloon animals. What a sweet group of kids. (I’ll post a ton more pictures soon) Our program for this group consisted of music, pills puppets, a game, and a drama. The kids seemed to really enjoy it.

There was an older lady, I believe 78 years old, who our friend Renay engaged in a game of soccer. She was so funny. Here’s a short clip of her playing…

The second site we went to we didn’t have much luck at all. We talked to a few people, but it was lunch time and a soccer game was on…tough competition!

The third location was very interesting. It was in between a church, a small school building and a soccer field. We were in a basketball court. Quite a few people came to watch, but the interesting thing was that no one would actually enter the court. Everyone sat on the fringe of the place, so we kind of did the program for ourselves, but with an audience from afar.

Here’s a pic from the drama.
The whole day was wonderful. The only downside was that we came back with very red faces… a little too much sun!