Do I look different? I don’t feel different. I do everything the same as before. What is in a title? Can God use me more now? Reverend, prostate Pastor, sick or Missionary? Does this title demand respect or just make some people act differently? Ultimately, I don’t care what you call me (Corey, Mr. Kautz, Brother Kautz, Señor, Pedro, Pastor, Missionary, or even hey you). God uses a person, not a name. If a title opens more doors to me, that’s politics and yes God can work with that. We are on the pursuit of becoming ordained ministers, not to change what we do, but to expand what we can do. As a certified minister, I can do many things and others will watch and see if I succeed or fail. As an ordained minister, I can do the same things and others will ask to help. Does a title change a person or the perception of the person? I think a little of both. The studies and pursuit of a greater knowledge of our Lord will definitely change a person and the result may change one’s title. Knowing that a person has pledged their life to seeking God and his will earns respect that can also be noted with a title. Can God use me more with a change of title? Sure! For he has not called me to do anything by myself, but to plant a seed. I can sow a field but God will send others to help and more for the harvest.

Teacher of the Word of God in words and in actions.

You can call me what ever you’d like but God calls me his child.