I realize it’s been quite a span of time since my last entry. We were not able to leave in August and have been delayed until January. The kids and I stayed in Michigan with my mom. Alex and Maggie are enrolled in the local public school. We debated on the best plan of action to complete our fundraising without causing too much stress on the family and felt the stability of being in school would be good for the kids. After seven long weeks we have finally been reunited as a family. Corey is here in Michigan for a week. Last Friday he surprised Alex and Maggie by showing up at the local homecoming football game.

We’re still fundraising and have somewhere in the ballpark of $900 left to raise in pledges. We are making all preparations to leave in January. Corey returns on Monday to Atlanta where he will continue working at his job for another three or four weeks. In mid-November we will be together again for good. Please continue to pray for us. This has definitely been a challenging time, cialis but one we can only trust is God’s way of stretching us before he puts us on the field.