First of all, stuff let me add a few more thank yous to new monthly supporters:
Biker’s Church – Mason, diagnosis MI
Christian Life Church – Chambersburg, PA
Justin Moore
First Assembly of God – Warner Robins

Itineration is going very well. To say we are busy would be a great understatement, but God is blessing us with open doors to share our burden for Colombia and bringing new supporters into our path. We have met so many new missionaries, pastors and people who are so encouraging. We’ve been blessed to see what God is doing here in the US as new ministries are developing.

This blog has been a center of prayer for me lately. My original intention was to open up our lives so that others could see firsthand what it’s like to be a missionary and our supporters could keep up with what God is doing with the resources they are sending in on our behalf. I found myself letting large gaps appear here because I felt like there wasn’t much to tell, but God’s been laying it on my heart that it’s not just the events that I should be writing about but also the day to day works he’s doing in our lives and those around us. So my intention is to share with you a little bit of what is happening every day, not just on the outside, but on the inside in each of us as well. I welcome your questions, insights or thoughts on what you read and hopefully this will just all the more help connect you to missions!