Before I tell you about our day, sick there is another funny tidbit. The day after I posted about banana bread the gardner came to manicure the lawn and guess what… he cut down another huge bunch of bananas!!!

Anyway, drugstore today Corey and I experienced a new kind of adventure. We were fortunately blessed with the best experience of all our peers. We went to get our Costa Rican drivers licenses. Our first stop was to a “doctor”for an “exam” before we could apply. Another friend along with the director of the school came with us for this adventure. The doctor had all three of us in at the same time. His office reaked of smoke! He went down a list of questions: do we smoke, do we drink, do we take medications, etc. When it got to our height and weight he guesstimated. (He was very kind with the weight…lol). We took an eye exam of sorts where we had to identify objects from across the room and he had us do things like shake our wrists and lift a leg to show we could drive. It was the funniest doctor’s exam I have ever experienced. At the end he stamped approval on our license applications and off we went to the “DMV”.

We first had to go to an office to get our passports validated. They basically had this big paper notebook where by hand they wrote in everyone who presented a passport. Next it was on to a line where they entered your info into a computer. After that you get in line for the bank where you pay for your license. Next it was on to the line to wait for your picture and eventually your license. Corey and I got through this process just fine, but our friend got to the last station and found out the first computer station input her birthday wrong. You would think it would be a quck click on the computer, but instead she had to go back to station one. After waiting in line again they gave her a new paper that had to be signed by a supervisor, but when she went to the supervisor’s office he had just left for an hour lunchbreak. Corey and I departed at this time and I’m not sure if she was able to get her license today. Anyway, it was quite an experience and now we are officially Costa Rican residents!