Cincel is celebrating its 15th Anniversary! There’s been a lot of commotion around school this past week as fresh paint was being put on the walls, advice furniture was being rearranged and lots of work was being done to welcome John Bueno, our head honcho – the Director of Assemblies of God Missions, all of our area directors, Cincel’s founders and many others who were coming to celebrate with Cincel. On Thursday we had a fun time having a “Quince Años” party for “Cincelita”. Just like every other 15 year old girl’s party gifts were presented, a song, a poem, a mariachi band! It was a time of fun to listen to her founder reflect on those first ideas and construction.

On Friday we had a more formal ceremony. As we entered Cincel, flags representing every destination country of previous students hung from the ceiling and walls. On a screen pictures of current and past students flashed in front of us. Luis, our director was recognized for 15 faithful years of service. We were told of the creation of Cincel. We prayed over the teachers. John Bueno gave the key address.

Ok, I know I should say that was my favorite part of it, but I have to be honest. Piedad (the name here for Latin America Childcare) is connected to Cincel and has played a big part in their existence. A choir of kids came in and sang a few songs (and danced) for us, so energetic, so exciting. They weren’t sad songs by any means, in fact, very pumped up songs, but I found tears coming out of my eyes and I saw these amazing kids and the excitement of our move to Colombia just flowed over all over again! I have loved language learning, but I cannot wait to dive into full ministry! I’m working on getting videos up of their performance, although I know our little camera does not do their performance justice.

So two days of celebrations and we are tired! Congratuations Cincel and all of the directors and staff. May God bless the next 15 years and beyond!