A quick update on my last post. Maggie is almost fully recovered. She was on a heavy dose of medicine for a few days, case but she is down to finishing an antibiotic and she hasn’t had to use an inhaler for two days now. I, illness however, viagra am fighting through yet another turn of a cold, sinus infection, etc. This weekend was pretty yucky, but everything seems to be improving, so thanks for all your prayers.

I wanted to write about Corey a little bit tonight. It’s no secret that Corey really struggled with picking up the language our first few months here. This trimester he is better matched with teachers and seems to be really charging ahead. Our friend, Suyan, has a son who is 15. We had a chance to hang out with him a few months back when we visited their house and once for a short time at a party, but it wasn’t until Alex’s birthday party that we had time to see him again. His name is Alberto. He and Corey sat and chatted the best they could about soccer, movies and things like that. Corey really opened up with Alberto and didn’t hesitate too much with his Spanish.

Apparently Alberto had as much fun because he’s been asking to come over for a while now. Today he came to spend the day with Corey. It’s amazing when you have two people with different first languages, but each with a tiny bit of the other’s language also, who can find ways to communicate and have a great time together. There was nothing spectacular about the day, they just spent time hanging out, but at the end Alberto asked if he could come back another day this week (he has the next two weeks off of school).

I thought about how impossible this would have been just six months ago. Corey has come a long way and, along with learning more Spanish that he realizes he has, he has impacted the life of a 15 year old Costa Rican boy. I just have to say – I’m so proud of him!