Hello friends, check
We have settled into Atlanta and have been busy on the road raising support. I’d like to send out a couple of prayer requests for your consideration.

1. We have been given a deadline of support that must be raised by the end of each month. This month we are behind and have received the “dreaded” phone call from Springfield telling us that we need to get more support ASAP. Obviously we are trying to get all our support ASAP, prostate but with deadlines in place and support lagging, we need your prayers for new monthly supporters to emerge. If you’d like to be real specific, please pray that pastors will answer their doors and phones and that their hearts will be opened to our ministry in Colombia.

2. We are embarking on our first year of homeschooling. We have not yet begun but will in the next week or two and as this is a new adventure for all of us we really need your prayers.

3. The Colombian Missionary Fellowship has been hit hard with health needs. Praise God one of our families, Jack and Delores Simon, have gained victories over their illnesses and will be returning to the field in the next month. However, please pray for Steve and Judy Graner who are both facing very serious illnesses. Also, please pray for baby Sibila Jordan, our newest Colombian missionary who was born with some digestive difficulties and a heart problem. Praise God she is getting stronger but still needs your prayers as she continues treatments. And of course, her parents Ryan and Caitlyn, need your prayers as they go through this time.

Be blessed,
Tona Kautz