Hello friends, nurse
I’m asking you to pray with us, healing although this is somewhat of a complicated request. The Colombian peso is gaining on the dollar. When we arrived the exchange rate was 2400 pesos to the dollar. It has dropped down to 1800. What does that mean? It means for every thousand dollars that we use we are exchanging for 600, doctor 000 pesos less than before – which roughly means we’ve “lost” about $300 per thousand dollars than we were originally earning when we first set our budget.

What makes this prayer request difficult is that with the increase in the peso that generally signifies that Colombia’s economy is doing well. However, on the other side it is struggling in some areas. For example, most of the flowers you buy in the supermarket, etc. come from Colombia. With the dollar dropping, that means the flower industry is making less money and they are laying off many workers.

For our family personally I ask that you would agree with us in prayer asking God to continue providing for our family so that we can finish this term strong. Regardless of what happens in the Colombian economy, we know that God can make a way so that we can continue our ministries without finances taking us back to the States early, but we would truly appreciate your prayers in this matter.
Thanks 🙂