We had a plan. Maggie has adjusted to Colombia fairly well, buy cialis but she still tends to be a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. After consulting a professional child psychologist…oh, who also happens to be my sister…and doing some research we read and heard a lot that a pet can help a child feel more adjusted. Maggie has been begging for a puppy since she was about 3. If you know her at all you’ll know she’s horse and dog crazy. So here was the plan, we would get everything together and Tuesday, on her birthday, when she came home from school we would present her with a new puppy. Sounded good. We had done a lot of research and decided a beagle was the best breed for our family at this point (although Corey and I would have loved a lab or retriever). Anyway, what we didn’t know ahead of time is that the kids also have Monday off of school and because of some other scheduling issues when we got home from browsing pet stores today Corey suggested we go ahead and get a puppy today so that the kids would have the weekend and Monday to play with it before they had to go back to school.

I called a breeder we had been speaking with and asked her about seeing the puppies tonight. She said she had three that she would bring over and we could pick which one we wanted. We didn’t tell the kids what was coming (so should have thought that part through better). I asked Corey if we should go ahead and explain to Alex what was going to happen and he said Alex would be fine…read on.

The puppies were all adorable. We played with them for a while and finally Maggie made a choice. All was well, so I thought, and Corey paid the lady for the puppy. I was talking to her about some details when I turned around and saw Alex’s head buried in Corey’s chest and his shoulders heaving. He was balling! Corey looked a bit glassy-eyed and said, “I can’t do this to him” and, what do you know, I’m bartering with the lady for two puppies. Plan B.

So we now have two baby beagles. It’s been an early Christmas…lol. Alex just kept saying, “I don’t need any gifts for Christmas or my next birthday. Thank you so much for the puppy.” Good thing he’s so understanding! And so along with the beagles we have two very happy children.

****Update…Alex has named his Cookie and Maggie has named hers Angel.