While we’ve been blessed with lots of opportunities here in Colombia with big events, shop training teachers, cialis taking care of the teen moms and babies, pilule one of the biggest highlights of my week is working in the local church.  Earlier this year we took on a role as children’s pastors in the church Semilla de Fe (Seed of Faith) in Envigado, a small “suburb” of MedellĂ­n.  It’s great to have ongoing relationships and watch as people grow in the Lord.

We also love that the staff we are working with are truly and genuinely good people.  They have become great friends and co-laborers as we work together to discover new insights in the Word, new ways to bless the community and grow in our relationships together.

Lead pastors of Semilla de Fe ~ Pastors Gerson and Matilda

Sunday was pastor appreciation day and it was a fun one!  The kids sang and danced while the worship team played one of their favorite songs.  This is a pretty rough video, but it will at least give you a peek at the amazing kids we work with weekly!  I should note this was not a prepared performance, but one of the songs we sing on Sunday mornings.

The service was full of special moments and they blessed us with a beautiful gift basket full of goodies (including a can of peaches that made Maggie very happy!)