Another school had their Christmas party this week and we had a blast! It was so great to see the kids out of the normal classroom element, buy out of uniform, cheap talkative and very relaxed. We had time just to hang out with them and really get to know them. They wrote letters to their sponsors, ate ice cream and played games. A group of little girls taught me a new game. They also played a game similar to Simon Says, except when you get caught not following the leader you have to stand in the middle of the circle and do whatever they tell you to. Fortunately I didn’t get caught not keeping up! The kids all prayed for their sponsors and then the highlight of the day came – the presents! Depending on their age the gifts varied, but they got Beanie Babies, GI Joes, backpacks and a few more things. They were all very happy! I talked to some kids who were excited about presents that they might get for Christmas, but others who didn’t have a tree and said that they might get to have a nice dinner for Christmas if their parents could find the money and gifts weren’t even considered. It’s especially for those kids that I’m so glad there are sponsors that invest in their lives and help make it possible for them to get a gift at Christmas.