Gimnasio Salem, tadalafil an LACC school here in Bogotá, viagra sale had an amazing presentation on Friday. It was called Parents In Action. They’ve been working hard at pulling the parents into the school and getting them to get involved with their kids. The parents really stepped up to the plate! They did dances, skits, sang, read poems, all kinds of amazing things for the kids. Each child had written a letter to their parents and the school had been collecting cards and gifts from the parents to share with the kids at the presentation.

At the end of the presentation the kids went to their parents and prayed together. This was a touching, yet heartbreaking moment. Many of the kids upon reading the letters from their parents were crying. Some were moved by their parents praying for them. But my heart broke as I looked and saw the faces of the kids whose parents didn’t show up. Some of them hugged each other and just cried.

I’m so proud of the school working hard to get parents involved, but as you look at these pictures, please pray for the rest of the children whose parents weren’t there for them. Some of them I’m sure had good reason, but many of the homes lives of these kids are sad and parents just don’t care enough to come.