Ever have an experience where you have an overwhelming day where everything points to the contrary of success but a rush of overwhelming hope overtakes you? That happened to me today. We’re just five weeks away from stepping on an airplane and beginning our first term as fully appointed missionaries…but at the moment, sildenafil the numbers don’t add up, the approvals are not in place and it looks like a long shot. That’s kind of been the case for a while, but today although the outside stayed the same, my insides did a 180!

Corey and I started the day going through our budget, deciding what we could live without – minimizing our personal allowance, halving the things we think we can find a way to cut corners on, marking things within our budget that we hate to cut out, but at this point we are willing to do. Then we called headquarters and began the discussion, basically telling them we will do whatever it takes to be on that plane Sept. 1st. We are awaiting approvals on our cut budget, but as we left to continue our duties of the day, I felt like my spirit was going to explode! I looked at Corey and chuckled because I recognized that no matter what happens, the hope I am holding onto is bursting. God will work this all out. I am ready. Corey is ready. The kids are ready. It’s time to board the plane and get back to spreading the gospel to all nations!
Please pray with us and for us. We need 60 new monthly supporters at $60/month to reach our full funding. I am praying that we will leave fully funded so that we can use every opportunity and means to reach the youth and children of Colombia. However, I am also praying that we will be given permission to lower our budget drastically in order to close out this time of itineration and buy our plane tickets. I am confident. I am trusting in the Lord. I am overwhelmed by hope!
Praise God!