In June of 2005 the kids and I said our goodbyes to dear friends in Atlanta. Since then, hospital some moved to Florida, some to Minnesota and other parts of the state. Our home church has changed its entire pastoral staff and the kids who were once in our children’s church are now in youth and all taller than me ~ I know, that’s not saying a lot, but still! We had an incredible week visiting our old stomping grounds, getting to know our new pastors and seeing familiar faces once again. We also had the honor of seeing a dear friend get married and, because of the wedding, those scattered friends were all in town, too.

Itineration has officially kicked off, the traveling, speaking, etc. and it’s so exciting to go back to the places who have been at our side for years before we were even called to be missionaries and have kept up with us along the way.

Here are just a few pictures of our adventure.