After two and a half weeks here in Bogotá I am facing three weeks on my own. Well, view that’s not entirely true because we have an amazing fellowship here that is ready to help out any time we call. However, seek at 2:30AM this morning Corey left for a very long van ride – I believe 17 hours – to the coast to help build an LACC school. He’ll be gone for three weeks. We had to spend time apart while we were itinerating, click but I was staying in my hometown with my mom – a little less intimidating! For nearly the past year we have been together pretty much all day every day. Amazingly we’ve found that we work really well being together all the time. For that I know I am blessed with the perfect partner because we don’t drive each other insane!! Anyway, the kids and I will be fine, but to be completely honest it is a little bit of a gloomy day.

For the week ahead I’ll be visiting schools and next week we’ll move into the house. I’ll finally be able to catch up with you all who are emailing and leaving voicemails. Believe me, especially now I am seriously missing being able to call you and chat. I realize even more now how much the support of all of you back home who take the time to keep in touch keeps me level-headed and sane in the midst of all the changes! Love you!!