We just finished a very nice visit with Corey’s mom. She came to Colombia for a week and we had a chance to share some sights with her as well as see new ones for ourselves! We took her to the National Museum to learn a little about Colombia. We went to Multiparque, recipe the kids’ favorite park and had a blast! Even Nana got in on the playing! We visited the Salt Cathedral, a salt mine in the Andes Mountains that has huge crosses representing the Stations of the Cross all throughout it ending in a beautiful chapel 180 meters below ground! It was dark and a little scary, but a very cool experience.

A friend of mine has a flower farm that raises roses to be sent to the States. Her husband was sweet enough to take us on a tour of the farm and show us the whole process of how roses are grown and what happens once they’re cut. So if you order your flowers through a 1-800 number or get them from Wal-Mart, Super Target, Sam’s or a bunch of other stores….chances are good we’ve seen your flowers before you did! Carlos, the owner, told us he was in the States a couple of weeks ago and saw his flowers when he was running into a grocery store! The tour was amazing, but even cooler yet, he sent us home with a hundred roses!! Our house looks and smells beautiful!!!

We took Nana to have lunch with Alex and Maggie and to visit our church. One night we had a fruit fiesta – we went to the fruit market and bought a bunch of the really strange looking fruits to come home and try. I found out later some are only used for juice or making candy, but we had fun trying to figure them all out!

Our final visit was to Monserrate. We made this trip when we were here three years ago, but it managed to take our breath away all over again. Pictures don’t do justice to the steepness of the mountain as you take a train or a cable car to the top or to the expanse of the city as you look out over Bogota, but you can gather a glimpse of what it’s like.

It was so nice to have Nana here and we had a wonderful visit!