We were welcomed home from the beach with less than open arms! For about a month now we’ve had a little mouse that runs into our house from the patio every night, patient to the kitchen and back out. I lack any ounce of hospitality when it comes to mice, but I’d grown somewhat accostomed to the sitings and after many attempts Corey couldn’t seem to catch it. We set traps and all, but the mouse was smart enough to get the cheese without setting off the trap.

The night before we left for the beach Corey told me that the mouse had come in again, but that he was sure it left. In our living room we have a very large rug and as I sat on the couch I felt a bulge underneath. Alex is notorious for leaving socks all over the house, so I assumed it was a sock stuffed under the rug, but I was a little nervous that it might be something else, so I asked Corey to check. He lifted the rug and there lay a sprawled out squished mouse! I was so grossed out! I couldn’t breathe for a second knowing my foot had been on top of it. However, we were happy to be rid of the pest and we went on vacation satisfied that the house was now safe.

We returned Monday evening from the beach and sat down to eat dinner. I glanced up and saw a mouse run by. NOOOO!!!! We couldn’t believe there was another. Corey chased it and eventually killed it, but as we were looking at the dead mouse, we saw another mouse on the patio! It was a tiny baby mouse and as Maggie and I were shouting to Corey where the mouse was running, without realizing it, he stepped right on it. It died. Completely grossed out we attempted to go back to dinner when a THIRD mouse ran through the room! Corey killed it (obviously our hero!) and was sure that the entire family was gone.

That night it was so hard to sleep. Maggie couldn’t close her eyes for fear of mice in her bed. They’ve traveled the same route, yard to kitchen and back. We assured her that it was over and she eventually fell asleep. However, Tuesday night and Wednesday night Corey killed a mouse.

Life in Costa Rica is always an adventure. What I gather from this all is that ever so slowly I am growing calmer in the face of fear, at least when it comes to small beasts!