We’ve begun our last week here in Springfield. This week is Missionary Renewal. All of the missionaries who are on furlough have joined us this week. It’s an exciting time. We ‘re haing out with friends from Colombia, treat friends from language school and the new friends we’ve made over the past two weeks. Alex and Maggie have the opportunity to spend time with friends they haven’t seen in three years. It’s been a lot of fun!

Our schedule is a little different this week as the focus leans much more towards encouragement instead of informational. In the morning we have services and the afternoons we have regional studies, shop focusing on the challenges and needs in Latin America. We have a little bit of free time in the evenings to get to know the other missionaries better.

On Thursday we will have our commissioning service. We’re very excited for that step as we complete our time here in Springfield and leave here prepared to go to the field – as soon as we finish raising our funds!

Today we were blessed by Convoy of Hope. They had an open house so we could see the warehouses where they keep all of the supplies for the relief efforts they send out. They gave us food and gifts and had raffles for lots of great prizes. We had a great time!