I have to be honest, pilule we haven’t dealt with a whole lot of homesickness since we’ve been here. Not that we don’t miss home, patient but there’s so much going on with classes and everything that most days we don’t have a whole lot of time to think about home and everything we miss. When my sister was in the hospital I nearly bought a ticket home. Thanks to the blessing of Vonage we are able to talk nearly every day on the phone as if we were only a few miles away from each other. But this week I am missing Atlanta. My friend, thumb Val, had a baby two days ago and my friend, Alyssa, is at this moment in the hospital in labor. I’ve become addicted to MySpace and when I have a second I check in on what’s going on with Gravity and all the youth. And, as if it wasn’t on my mind enough, today there was an article on MSNBC (click here to read) about things to do in Atlanta. I don’t feel sad, necessarily, but I wish it were possible to be in two places at once – or three even. Is that really too much to ask?? So to all my pals in Atlanta who so faithfully keep up with our blog… I miss you all a ton!

Everyone please say prayers for these new blessing being brought into the world and their parents (first time for both families). As for me, my five minutes of nostalgia are over and I must return to homework!