The kids only have one more week of school left. I’ve been contemplating this summer and the signficance of each day we have left before life as we’ve known it becomes a closed chapter. I feel compelled to make this summer one full of incredible memories.

A couple of years ago, purchase on a teacher workday from school, medicine Alex, Maggie and I took off and drove up to Maggie Valley, North Carolina to spend a day skiing. The day started a bit grim when I realized – once we were already there – that the kids were too young for ski school. I contemplated getting back in the car and driving home. I am an okay skiier, but I had no confidence in teaching the kids how to ski. We decided to go watch ski school and copy as best we could.

Amazingly, the kids picked it up right away. It was completely natural to them. We had so much fun that day. I have hilarious video and pictures from that trip and to this day it stands out as one of the best days of my life. The kids still talk about that day as one of thier favorites.

I want this summer to be filled with those kinds of experiences, the ones you think of and your heart just swells thinking of how there was such special moments that went beyond having fun and connected your souls all that much more. They aren’t always such elaborate outings, sometimes just time at the park or getting ice cream together, but something about a moment that clicks in your spirit and you know that you have just moved a step closer to understanding the deepness of the person you’re with.

The interesting thing is it’ s not something that you can necessarily plan. The inner control freak in me wants to plan the perfect day for each day, but really it just comes out of focusing on being in the moment with the one you’re with and taking time to focus on them.

So I’m praying that God will help me be in the moment with Corey, Alex, Maggie, family and friends this summer as we make connections that will help strengthen our inner beings as we make a huge transition.