Every birthday seems to turn into more of a festival and this year Maggie’s was no different. Beginning Friday with the new puppies life has been busy working up to today. The puppies are doing great! The kids seem to be doing really well learning how to train them and, levitra though they have a lot to learn, view it is all much calmer than I expected.

One tradition we’ve had for a few years now is going horseback riding for Maggie’s birthday. This all started way back when she was three or four on a Retreat to the Hills and since then every fall we’ve found somewhere to go horseback riding. I thought with the new puppies there was no way we’d be able to afford to go this year. God hears the prayers of little girl’s hearts! Maggie has a friend at school, illness Toño who lives up in the mountains near a stable. We were able to go riding on Monday evening. It was amazing!

It had been raining a good part of the day and we almost didn’t go. When we got up to Toño’s house it was still raining and we really thought we’d just let the kids play for a while before heading back to the city. But the rain let up and just after 5PM we went to meet the horses. It was beautiful. It was right at sunset/twilight when we left and as we rode it got darker. There we were, under the stars, riding through the mountains of Colombia. Breathtaking!

Today we took a cookie cake to Maggie’s class and brought in the puppies to visit. Poor puppies, after the kindergarten teacher asked Corey to show them to her class they were a bit traumatized! But Alex and Maggie were both thrilled to show off their new pals.

We had a quiet evening eating Maggie’s favorites – meatloaf and chocolate cake. And as I look at the clock now, 10:03PM, I realize that my little girl is now officially 9 years old!