Saturday we went to Sujan’s house. Sujan is a Costa Rican friend. It was very interesting to see the differences between the way each of us lives. Her house is very small. It was cute, store but very tiny even compared to our apartment. We met her husband, buy cialis Jimmy, and her son, Alberto. She made us Chop Suey for lunch with white rice. When it was time to eat she seated Corey and I and the kids at the table and she and her family sat on the couch to eat. I offered for the kids to sit at the couch to eat, but she refused. She wanted us to enjoy eating at the table. The lunch was wonderful. Then she brought out dessert. She had made flan. It also was incredible. Sujan is a great cook. After lunch we sat and talked. Sujan’s son, Alberto, is 14 and took Alex into his room to play PlayStation. It seems everyone here owns a video game system of some sort. Alberto gave Maggie an Olive Oil doll and a Disney book in Spanish. He also showed us his coin collection and insisted he give us some of the coins that he had duplicates of. Sujan gave me a crystal figurine of dolphins. It was very humbling. This family that seems to have so little was giving us so much.

We had a nice time chatting with them. Sujan showed us pictures of their wedding. She also showed us pictures of twin babies she delivered prematurely that had passed away. We realized how much she had been through and yet she is so incredibly joyful.

Next thing we knew it was almost 3PM and Sujan was up and making empanadas to have with coffee at three. In her kitchen there isn’t an oven. There is a little tabletop range that she uses to cook everything. Again she astounded us with her amazing cooking. We watched The Little Mermaid in Spanish. And after the movie we thought we should go. One thing about Costa Rican culture is they have told us that you never go anywhere without staying a great deal of time. We had been there for about four hours and thought it was probably time to head home. They walked us to catch a taxi and we left, so much more aware of the differences between our cultures, but so impressed by how incredible the people here really are. We are blessed to know Sujan and her family.