Meet Lucas. He’s a five year old little ball of smiles, ask energy and faith. You can see in the first pictures that Lucas came to camp with his glasses. He couldn’t see more than a meter in front of him. However, pilule before ever going to camp he was telling people at church that God would heal him at camp. He said he didn’t need to even bring his glasses because he knew God would heal him. On Saturday morning his glasses broke. Pastor Jackson went to work on fixing them and called Lucas’ mom to tell her that his glasses were broken. Her response – “Don’t worry about it. Lucas is sure he’ll be healed anyway.” That night at the first service we had Lucas stepped forward for prayer. At the end of the service he came forward with one of the leaders, Danny, and told how God had healed his eyes. He proved it to the crowd by naming people in the back of the room. He didn’t wear his glasses again the whole time we were there. The next day he was with Alex standing on a chair jumping down to stomp on the ants he could see…the tiny ants he could see from standing on top of a chair!! This little boy could barely see in front of himself before, but God did a miracle in his body. The Bible talks about faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains and Lucas showed that true unwavering faith brings results! Praise God!