Another wonderful night last night with the LIFE tour. Maggie and I left in the afternoon to make the four hour journey from Atlanta to Meigs, site Georgia. We had a wonderful night with the pastors and ladies of the Moultrie Section. At the end of the evening we packed up the car and drove home – a long day of driving, but we had an exciting morning to get back to!
We were blessed with the opportunity to share this morning in the Middle School chapel at Wesleyan School. It’s International Week and the topic was kindness. The Wesleyan School is a beautiful place. The campus resembles a small university campus.
Beyond the beauty of the campus, the students were so impressive! The entire Middle School recited Psalms 40. In honor of International Week, the 5th and 6th grade chorus group sang a wonderful song in eight languages. One student read the week’s scripture in French and three students led the school in reciting the Lord’s Prayer in Latin. One student also gave the benediction in Spanish. Corey and I had the opportunity to share with them about Colombia and challenge them to do random acts of kindness.
The students were so respectful and kind already! This was an extra special event for us because the director of the chapel, as well as one of the 7th grade teachers, is Mrs. Joanna Schuerman. We were blessed many years ago to know Joanna as a young teenager in the youth group. We’ve watched her become a beautiful lady and are so proud of her. Watching her in action – as a grown up – makes us feel a little bit old but most of all makes us so proud of what a great job she is doing at the school and with her students! We will cherish this experience for a very long time!