Well, check they are off and on their way back to El Salvador. Many tears were shed today as the time drew near for the kids to get on their plane. Never a dull moment we took them to Cinnabon to grab a little snack before taking off. While eating they began to goof off and sing. I was amused and recorded a few minutes of their “performance”. When I turned around I realized people were gathering outside of Cinnabon to listen to them! Never very shy, they went on to sing a little more before we headed for the gateway.

Hugs goodbye were heartbreaking as they began to cry. I don’t know what lies ahead for them in life, but I hope this trip has been impacting to them in many ways. They have learned what it is to be in ministry, to share their dreams and to have hope for what God can do in their lives. Please pray for them as they go home and return hopefully with new strength to the challenges that await them.

And with that, I will end here the journey of the LACC California Choir Tour featuring the El Salvador Choir.