Today the kids performed for the chapel of the Christian School in Watsonville, remedy CA. At the end of their performance the kids cheered so much the principal asked them to do one more song. I was pleasantly surprised when they did a song I hadn’t seen yet that was interactive with the crowd and got everyone moving again.

After the presentation the kids grabbed some lunch, looked around a Target store and then headed for a park. I made the mistake of pushing two of the girls on the tire swing and suddenly I became the designated pusher! I definitely got my exercise! We had a lot of fun at the park.

We returned to the church because for the next two days we are broken into four groups staying with families from the church. I am with three of the girls and we’re staying with a couple and their nine year old daughter. We had a good time playing Life. I had no idea how much translation is required to play Life! As I write the girls are creating jewelry masterpieces and will soon be off to bed.