Today was the last day of performances. The kids did an excellent job finishing up the tour. We started in Watsonville this morning and then drove a couple of hours to Winton, viagra near Modesto. The service in Winton was a great way to end. It was a small service with incredibly kind people. The kids, because of encore requests, were able to sing every song they had and finish in the midst of a very loving crowd. One sweet man gave us money to buy dinner for everyone so the kids enjoyed In-N-Out Burger one last time. After dinner we drove to Fresno where I now sit writing this while my three girls are enjoying some coffee and cartoons after a long day. I may regret the whole coffee thing a few hours from now, but they’re just so cute, how can I say no?? 🙂

The girls are happy to be done, but the boys were chanting “otro mes” or “one more month” while we were in the car. I think they would be happy to do this forever! We were laughing today as we looked at their pictures from just before they came to now and some of those boys have put away loads of food and now carry it proudly in their waistlines!

I was sad to watch their last performance, but I am so proud of each and every one of these children. They have done an amazing job. Tonight before the service we talked to them about putting all their strength into this last performance and the purpose of their ministry. Some of them teared up while we discussed the many ways that God has used them to raise up sponsors for their friends back in school but also how they have touched the lives of so many people. The pastor this morning said it well when he said that LACC was started to touch the lives of children in Latin America and now here they stood touching the lives of those in America. The relationships we’ve made along this journey have left imprints in the lives of the children and the lives of the congregations. It has truly been a blessing to have been part of this experience.