When we were in Springfield for Pre-Field Orientation Alex and Maggie went through MK camp. One of their tasks was MK Eating Ministry. Basically they had to eat exotic foods with a smile on their face and without complaining. This week we had our own eating ministry. Fortunately, cheap however, pills we only had each other to smile for. Sujan made us a dish with lengua, medicine or cow tongue. Before it was cooked it looked nasty. It looked probably like you’d expect, a giant tongue rolled up. Gross!! But, she wanted to cook it for us because here in Costa Rica it is a great delicacy. So we thought, hey, everything is worth a try.

We didn’t tell Alex and Maggie what we were having before we ate. Once cooked, the meat inside was extremely soft, but the outside was tough. I personally had a rough time eating it with a nice big smile! The inside didn’t taste so bad, but thinking about it made it difficult to swallow. Corey enjoyed it and Alex and Maggie seemed to like it. Once they were finished I asked Alex and Maggie if they wanted to know what they had eaten. Alex said no. Maggie said yes. I told her it was cow tongue and she started yelling “Ew, gross! That’s disgusting!”

We’re glad we tried it, but unless we’re visiting Tico friends who happen to serve it, we won’t be indulging in lengua anytime soon! Here’s a picture of it cooked…